Cooling table for drinks - CHS-N type




the according to the specific requirements of customer


  • cooling tables has door, drawers or combination of both
  • N type is for saving bottles and drinks
  • space behind the door is for workboxes
  • standart door dimension - 560 x 750 mm
  • standart drawers dimension   

             a) 560 x 290 mm (for shelf height position - 217mm)
             b) 560 x 450 mm  (for shelf height position - 377mm)

  • standart height of table - 850 mm 
  • table stands height position - 20 mm
  • all cooling space is insulated by the help of thick panels with insulate foam, inside of cabinet is from stainless glossy material
  • unit should be on the left side - L, or on the right - P
  • cooling bath (GN 1/1) should be a part of table above unit, eventually above door
  • worktop with back and front overrun - 20 mm, on the sides is same as stand
  • temperature regulation + 2°C to 10°C  (in outdoor temperature 25 °C)
  • on the front and back sides are ventilation grids, which must be uncovered for good work of cooling system!
  • power supply 0,5 kw
Price of this dimension:

on request



Additional information

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